How to Live with Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism is a biological disorder which influences people’s brains. It is mostly hereditary and impairs one’s ability to understand people, communicate or interact with others as well. Generally autism impairs ability of interpretation. Statistics have that boys have a higher prevalence than girls and one in every 160 children has autism therefore there is need to know how to help children with autism. The condition presents itself in many ways and has a variety of intensity ranging from mild to severe. The most ideal time when autism is easily noticed is 12 months after birth.


By the age of 2 years it is always very easy to recognize a child has autism. First symptoms are temporary language regression, retarded growth and repetitive behaviors which are mostly stereotyped. Children with autism spectrum disorder mostly need available health services, education and awareness. Special love and care should always be given to them as they grow into various needs. Even though there have been some improvements in the medication on the disorder, physicians still affirm that there is no actual cure. Most medications are meant to contain the disorder and make the symptoms mild.

Parent Responsibility

Helping children with autismIt is recommended that the parent should be exposed and be up to date on how to contain autism spectrum disorder. This is because the child will mostly spend time with the parent in the absence of a teacher. Even thou you might opt to send your child to a special school keep tabs with the latest developments. Buy constructive books, interact and network with people on how to take good care of them. Also engage the family and friends to participate in the entire learning process. You can the visit shows for autism patients and know more on how to handle situations. Even as your child grows ensure he/she has everything for the purposes of happiness. You are always advised not to fear autism patients at all.They  are not dangerous.


Allow your child to learn and know things as they happen around him or her. Let them socialize with the normal people and get to know how to relate with others. As they grow they will always want to know more and engage people as well so give them the chance to that. These are also important ways on helping children with autism. Basically don’t seclude them like other parents and make them feel bad. Such seclusion affects them psychologically and might be suicidal.


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