What Is the Orton-Gillingham reading?

Orton gillingham reading program is a teaching approach that is basically designed to help individuals with difficulties in reading, writing and spelling all which are associated to a condition known as dyslexia. The approach is clearly understood when it is used as an approach rather than a technique, program or method. If the approach is utilized by a competent and versed instructor, it is a potent tool with exceptional depth, breath and flexibility.Orton gillingham reading

The approach was in the beginning developed to help individuals with dyslexia in tutorial setting. However, studies have revealed that more than 30% of children are not capable of reading 1st grade when they are entering 3rd grade. This 30% of our population require clear and direct guidance in order to become successful readers. IMSE has developed a program that follows the orton gillingham certification philosophy which can not only be used by typical teachers in the education sector, but also by specialist who teach people with disabilities, individuals learning the English language or any other individuals in the society who are deemed to have difficulties in the faculties of learning. The program has proved to be effectual to all learners.

The vital instructional practices and curricular content that characterizes the Orton-Gillingham approach originate from two sources: first from a detailed body of thoroughly tested knowledge and practice that has been in existence for 70 years, and secondly from critical consideration of the scientific evidence on what basically is involved when individuals are learning to read or write, why a number of them find it difficult to do so and which practices can be inculcated in the education system to teach such persons who find it difficult to read and write.