Young and Old Can Gain Benefit Orton Gillingham Reading Program

Learning how to learn is imperative to success. Kids who don’t study well usually struggle in school. Adults with reading issues usually struggle on the job significantly more than others. The orton gillingham reading program is specifically designed for students beginning in the next grade through adulthood. This involves a multi-sensory approach to greatly help build reading and spelling skills.

This dyslexia tutoring program is on the basis of the Orton-Gillingham process for learning. This technique seeks to meet up the student at his/her own personal level in order to build a great foundation for structured learning in the future. The Reading Program will help the most challenged child or maybe adult learn to learn and write, even if other teaching approaches have failed. Most of us learn in various ways, and the program works on the multi-sensory approach to instruct students the fundamentals and then little by little build on learned concepts as time passes.

Reading and Writing

This program can be utilized individually in one-on-one tutoring times and in smaller groups. Many schools offer the leaning, which include these elements:

– Phonics – the fundamentals of being able to distinguish the different sounds which make up an expression.

– Word evaluation, pronunciation and understanding – specific instruction is given to greatly help students understand what they are reading, because this is just as important as knowing how exactly to sound it out.

– Reading and spelling – students find out how reading and spelling come together, and get hands-on exercises in which reinforce the principles learned.

– Strong, cumulative instruction – teachers work with the student based on the individual needs and learning style. The sessions are intensive and action-packed. When the student is comfortable with the fundamentals of any given concept, the teacher will proceed to another step.