The Orton-Gillingham Training Material

Today many children and adults are suffering from dyslexia. In simple words it’s a reading disorder. Young children are suffering from it more than adults. They have a problem in reading and spelling words and sometimes writing. It’s as involuntary problem despite normal intelligence. According to scientific evidence Orton-Gillingham is the best approach for people suffering from dyslexia.

Orton-Gillingham Material

The Orton-Gillingham Material is a multisensory reading tool which prevent reading difficulties. The teacher should be qualified to teach a child because it’s a private process. One should choose a program for their child that suits his learning style. There are many ways to teach your child to deal with the difficulties of dyslexia. Orton-Gillingham Material can help your child through dyslexia by following ways:-

  • Barton Reading – This program is a bit expensive but if you want your child to learn quickly and efficiently than it’s a great program for you. Because of its effectiveness it is very popular with many parents.
  • The New Herman Reading Method – This program is in practice from many years. This Orton-Gillingham Material is especially suited for the kinesthetic and tactile children.
  • Spire – This program has been written by one of the Orton-Gillingham expert. This program is ideal for auditory learners.
  • Wilson Reading – The Wilson Reading program is used by number of schools teaching children with dyslexia. This program is easy for the children to understand.
  • Saxon Phonics – It’s a well developed reading program and cost much less than few other programs. It includes all the Orton-Gillingham Material, guides and books. This program has appeared to be of great value.

These were few Orton-Gillingham programs which would help your child to learn and read easier and lead a normal and happy life.