Orton Gillingham, A Better Approach To Life

Some people especially children face the difficulties of speaking and reading properly. They are not able to understand things easily. This problem occurs at early age and is very painful for a child. They find it hard to read, write and speak. Because of this problem they think they do not fit in the society and they cut them off from other people. This problem in one term is called dyslexia and one can overcome from this difficulty with the help of orton-gillingham method.


This method is highly recommended and is used by lots of people who suffer from dyslexia. Samuel Torry Orton a neuropsychiatrist, pathologist and Anna Gillingham a psychologist invented this method which has helped many people. The orton-gillingham method uses the technique of studying and teaching language according to the particular need of a person.

 The teaching session is one on one so that the teacher can focus only on one person and the person doesn’t get distracted by other students. The students are taught the history of the language in which they face difficulty. The teachers very patiently and understandingly teach the students so a student can concentrate properly and learn easily. The orton-gillingham method is language based, multi sensory, structured and cognitive.


Orton Gillingham Approach – Best Effective Teaching Program

When the child is officially diagnosed with auditory processing disorders by a qualified, a psychologist and a neuropsychologist, it is time for you to use the Orton Gillingham reading program. This program has been specially designed for the homeschooling for teaching the child how to read.

The orton-gillingham method was devised by Anna Gillingham and Samuel Orton. This is mainly a multi sensory method which has been designed to help children suffering from Dyslexia, to read. However, the Orton Gillingham program is not an actual program, but there are other reading programs available that use this Orton Gillingham program. This can be used as a part of the homeschooling curriculum for students suffering from dyslexia.


To find a good orton-gillingham method, you need to know the important components of the method. This methodology includes the following criteria:

Comprehensive- each and every detail of phonology is taught to dyslexia students. These include every sound, every sound letter combination, every letter, rules of decoding, rules of spelling, the frequency of words using particular rules and more.

Explicit instruction- each and every detail related to phonology is carefully taught to the students. In fact, there’s nothing that is left behind while teaching.

Direct instruction- every student is taught through direct instructions or absolutely directly.

Multi sensory- every piece of instruction is taught very clearly through various ways of teaching. These include kinesthetic or movement based teaching, visual as well as audio based teaching.

Mastery- every piece of information is carefully taught until the student can recall it all by them. These include the recalling of sound letter combination, spelling rules, decoding, and syllabication and more easily without any difficulty.

Orton Gilingham Training Online Teaching Program

Knowledge is power in the life of an individual. Many are the ways that people have been using to learn so that to gain the necessary knowledge. There is much software that has been made that help with the different building of life skills. There are some people who have learning disabilities who need the use of certain software. Reading, writing and spelling may cause difficulties to some individuals. The use of Orton gilingham training online has been of great help. Individuals have greatly improved on their skills especially those who use the Orton software. There are instructions that are given on how to improve your skills. Here is an online instructor who helps this type of individuals especially those of dyslexia which becomes a very powerful tool.


There are Orton gilingham materials that one uses that are aimed in improving the overall skills. The materials can be sourced online or bought to be used by the individual in presence of a tutor. This helps in the language processing. The materials are also used to test the improvements that the individual has made.


Orton gilingham certification is offered to the students who have completed the training and whose results are clearly seen. Individuals who have dyslexia undergo different levels of improvement. After one has undergone all this and the results of the learning can be seen a certificate is later offered so that one can go ahead with other levels. There are academies that have been known to offer these types of certificates legalized by the authorities.

Better Education for Children with Special Needs

Attention deficit disorder in children can be a grueling experience for parents. When it comes to learning, it may be daunting to provide the right kind of education. With the right learning methods however, a child can get the academic skills they need. This is why one must know the right place to take a child with special needs.imageslevicentre

High standard learning techniques

The Levy Learning Centre is one of the best options that you have as a parent. The centre provides tutors for children with learning disorders. They are professionally trained to provide quality education. The programs available are designed to create a more developed child.

As a parent, you want to make sure that there person you entrust with the education of your child is competent. This is why you must make this decision carefully. You must find out the best learning methods that are out there. The Orton-Gillingham Learning Approach has been proven effective when it comes to teaching special kids.

With Orton-Gillingham training online, it has become even easier for parents to find what they need. They can find the resources they need to provide children with the motivation to learn. There are visual and auditory strategies that have been established to teach children.

With qualified and professional tutors available at Levy Learning Centre, parents have better options to consider. Find out if the area you are in is served by the centre. Give your child the best opportunity to learn more with professional tutors. Browse through the site and look at the programs that are available for children.

Dealing With Students with Learning Disabilities in the Classroom

Are you catering for students with dyslexia and other impairments that make their learning difficult? Are you trying to comprehend how a learner can barely write out their name? Perhaps, you should find out better teaching and organizational strategies that will help to bring out the maximum potential of these learners with their diverse conditions. Lesson planning software can help you out in addition to other technologies.

The Orton Gillingham lesson plans come in handy to teachers who handle children with diverse special needs. The lesson planning app offers you very friendly plans that allow you to assess all your students independently. You will be able to monitor their progress and establish better ways of educating them to ensure they grasp the content. What is more, these plans provide for all your instructional needs and make your work in planning easier; you are able to enhance the mastery of skills including comprehension, reading, writing, vocabulary, outlining and summarizing work among your students. All you need to do is to subscribe for them using the elementary or comprehensive program depending on your needs!

How to handle students with autism

Helping children with autism to develop skills, language and communication is the role of any teacher who cares for the welfare of their learners. You could assist by incorporating visual aids in your classes. You should establish timetables with the time and a drawing of what they will be doing during the specific lesson. Since children with this condition can so simply understand diagrams, you should try to use computer software with stories, instructions and descriptions that are supported with pictures to make it simple for them to understand.

Find out more information from online sites that provide data on handling children with autism.