Orton Gillingham, A Better Approach To Life

Some people especially children face the difficulties of speaking and reading properly. They are not able to understand things easily. This problem occurs at early age and is very painful for a child. They find it hard to read, write and speak. Because of this problem they think they do not fit in the society and they cut them off from other people. This problem in one term is called dyslexia and one can overcome from this difficulty with the help of orton-gillingham method.


This method is highly recommended and is used by lots of people who suffer from dyslexia. Samuel Torry Orton a neuropsychiatrist, pathologist and Anna Gillingham a psychologist invented this method which has helped many people. The orton-gillingham method uses the technique of studying and teaching language according to the particular need of a person.

 The teaching session is one on one so that the teacher can focus only on one person and the person doesn’t get distracted by other students. The students are taught the history of the language in which they face difficulty. The teachers very patiently and understandingly teach the students so a student can concentrate properly and learn easily. The orton-gillingham method is language based, multi sensory, structured and cognitive.


The Orton-Gillingham Training Material

Today many children and adults are suffering from dyslexia. In simple words it’s a reading disorder. Young children are suffering from it more than adults. They have a problem in reading and spelling words and sometimes writing. It’s as involuntary problem despite normal intelligence. According to scientific evidence Orton-Gillingham is the best approach for people suffering from dyslexia.

Orton-Gillingham Material

The Orton-Gillingham Material is a multisensory reading tool which prevent reading difficulties. The teacher should be qualified to teach a child because it’s a private process. One should choose a program for their child that suits his learning style. There are many ways to teach your child to deal with the difficulties of dyslexia. Orton-Gillingham Material can help your child through dyslexia by following ways:-

  • Barton Reading – This program is a bit expensive but if you want your child to learn quickly and efficiently than it’s a great program for you. Because of its effectiveness it is very popular with many parents.
  • The New Herman Reading Method – This program is in practice from many years. This Orton-Gillingham Material is especially suited for the kinesthetic and tactile children.
  • Spire – This program has been written by one of the Orton-Gillingham expert. This program is ideal for auditory learners.
  • Wilson Reading – The Wilson Reading program is used by number of schools teaching children with dyslexia. This program is easy for the children to understand.
  • Saxon Phonics – It’s a well developed reading program and cost much less than few other programs. It includes all the Orton-Gillingham Material, guides and books. This program has appeared to be of great value.

These were few Orton-Gillingham programs which would help your child to learn and read easier and lead a normal and happy life.

Symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder in Children and Its Remedies

ADD– Attention deficit disorder or ADHD acronym for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder are the two common behavioral disorder that affects generally school going children. Boys are diagnosed much faster than girls.

There are number of kids which are unable to concentrate, are hyperactive but it doesn’t means that they are suffering from ADHD. The symptomology for ADHD will clarify various facts. But the best part, is even if your kid is suffering from attention deficit disorder in children, he/ she can be treated well. Children going through ADHD can easily be spotted if the one is
–    Very much inattentive, but not hyperactive or impulsive.
–    The child may be both hyperactive and impulsive, but can focus well on things.
–    The most common form of ADHD is when the child is Inattentive, hyperactive, and impulsive
–    Children who only have inattentive symptoms of ADHD are often ignored, the problem increases, when the kid is unable to perform academically or is unable to participate normally. Meaning that these kids make careless mistakes, ignores when the teacher is talking to them, never completes the work assignment in stipulated time frame or often leave the task half done.
attention deficit disorder in childrenChild with ADHD can be effectively treated at home also with proper guidance and therapies and can be successful in their career as others. Let’s discuss the treatment for attention deficit disorder in children.

Treatment doesn’t complies of medication alone, it’s about complete makeover of the kids and its family also. Good Nutritious diet, meals, exercise and a good playtime, with add on of balancing social skills with other playmates is one of the ways to rectify ADHD symptoms.

Medications and stimulants such as Ritalin and Adderall are also part of the attention deficit disorder in children but rarely given these days.
–    Making the child play in natural surroundings is always good, so make sure that the child plays and exercises also. As physical activities like, playing outdoor games, dancing, swimming, martial arts, will improve concentration.
–    Sufficient and sound sleep is the most important part of the treatment for ADHD. So set a noise free environment, with enforced bed time. Switch off the televisions and other entertaining electronic devices like ipads, iphones, and PC atleast an hour before sleep time.

Henceforth, treating an ADHD child requires lot of patience as you need to take help of behavioral therapy, Social skills training, and at times medication also. So love your child, support him and reward him over small good deeds.

Dealing With Dyslexia Symptoms in Adults

Dyslexia is a neurological ailment visible through written and spoken language particularly in punctuation and studying. It is a known disorder now and kids are being treated before the school age if they are showing any symptoms of dyslexia. But there are still people struggling from this disorder without therapy and proper diagnosis. Working with dyslexia symptoms in adults without the right therapy and diagnosis is a challenge because patients often cover up it impacting the standard of their way of life.

Dealing with dyslexia symptoms in adults have could be very annoying if you do really not know how. Frequently, people struggling from the limiting signs of dyslexia problem hide from other people. The constant concealing impacts their social way of life, work and relationships. Their impairment makes different problems in their way of life to more frustrations and low self-esteem.


Adult dyslexia symptoms like studying and punctuation problems are a challenge and uncomfortable for the adult people to agree to. But there are methods on how to deal with it. There are different programs and educating approaches for dyslexics to improve studying and punctuation capabilities. Of course, the first thing in getting the program or educating method that will work for you is by using an adult dyslexia test to assess the intensity of your symptoms.

Adult dyslexia signs could affect their job and other things. They could skip important conferences or cannot meet the daily goals since you they spend time poorly. If you are informed that this is one of the many dyslexia symptoms in adults that one has to deal with, then you will learn some methods on how to overcome this symptoms.

Another symptom you may have is problems in getting instructions and you find it difficult to keep what is said to you. Recognizing you have dyslexia and struggling from this problem, one way to overcome this is to always have a pen and paper with you and jot down the instructions or anything said to you to ensure that you follow the right instructions.

Orton-Gillingham training Online: Sounds Too Good to be Right?

Parents research many dyslexia intervention options when they note their kid is getting behind in studying and writing, but they may not understand that Orton Gillingham tutoring treatment is an option. Now, online orton-Gillingham training and treatment may sound too good to be real but true has made it possible! Now you will get the same level of medical treatment that you would get in an office in the comfort of your home. Advantages of orton-Gillingham: orton-Gillingham approach is an intricate tactic consisting several mechanisms all of which are involved in online orton-Gillingham treatment program. By providing orton-Gillingham treatment online gives you included benefits!

Parent Involvement the program definitely take part in their child’s orton-Gillingham treatment. During the stay, every week online treatment sessions, you will sit behind your kid and pay attention and observe to understand the lessons and approaches yourself. Using what you discovered you will be able to advise your kid throughout the week to help them expert each level of treatment and complete their every week exercise actions. The hands-on parents’ role that Lexercise helps is one of the key benefits.

Orton gillingham tutoring online

Daily practice is very important to reinforce and expert the lessons discovered in treatment.

So start with dyslexia treatment immediately! We need family members who are noticing their kid getting behind to start orton-Gillingham treatment instantly and even dyslexia symptoms in adults and not wait around. Fortunately, because of now there are many certified physicians and online platforms, you can start learning at your very best convenience. The goal is the help your kid get the help they need as soon as possible and as conveniently as it can be done.