Symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Children

Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD is a collective name for a gamut of conditions which affects communication, social interaction, behavior and interests of a person.

It is found in kids below 3 years of age. A diagnosis can be made even after 3 years.
So what are the symptoms?

Let’s find out:

In Spoken language

The children with Autism Spectrum Disorder prefer to do the following

  • Avoid making use of spoken language
  • Avoid any speech that sounds flat or monotonous
  • Prefer to speak in phrases already learnt instead of joining individual words to make new sentences
  • Prefer talking at people, avoid conversation and being a part of it



  1. Take everything literally. Do not understand metaphors, sarcasm or figures of speech
  2. Do not like to do things when asked to. Are often negative in their attitude.
  3. Unaware of the personal space of others, do not tolerate other people entering their space.
  4. Little or no interest in other people, this includes children of their age too.
  5. Have very few close friends, though always strive to have more friendships.
  6. Do not comprehend social interactions. This includes greeting people or bidding farewell.
  7. Not being able to adjust the content and tone of the speech to various social situations.
  8. Do not enjoy normal activities enjoyed by children of their age
  9. Do not use facial expressions or gestures while communicating
  10. Mostly avoid eye contact


  • Repeat movements like rocking back and forth, flicking fingers and flapping their hands
  • Prefer playing with objects and not people
  • Have a high interest in a specific activity or subject
  • Do not like changes in their normal routine. Love having the same routine.
  • Love a certain food/foods on the basis of colour or texture or the taste.
  • Abnormal sensory interests, for instance, children with ASD smell toys, people or objects improperly.

Summing up

Better late than never! Get your child treated if he has the above symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder in Children and Its Remedies

ADD– Attention deficit disorder or ADHD acronym for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder are the two common behavioral disorder that affects generally school going children. Boys are diagnosed much faster than girls.

There are number of kids which are unable to concentrate, are hyperactive but it doesn’t means that they are suffering from ADHD. The symptomology for ADHD will clarify various facts. But the best part, is even if your kid is suffering from attention deficit disorder in children, he/ she can be treated well. Children going through ADHD can easily be spotted if the one is
–    Very much inattentive, but not hyperactive or impulsive.
–    The child may be both hyperactive and impulsive, but can focus well on things.
–    The most common form of ADHD is when the child is Inattentive, hyperactive, and impulsive
–    Children who only have inattentive symptoms of ADHD are often ignored, the problem increases, when the kid is unable to perform academically or is unable to participate normally. Meaning that these kids make careless mistakes, ignores when the teacher is talking to them, never completes the work assignment in stipulated time frame or often leave the task half done.
attention deficit disorder in childrenChild with ADHD can be effectively treated at home also with proper guidance and therapies and can be successful in their career as others. Let’s discuss the treatment for attention deficit disorder in children.

Treatment doesn’t complies of medication alone, it’s about complete makeover of the kids and its family also. Good Nutritious diet, meals, exercise and a good playtime, with add on of balancing social skills with other playmates is one of the ways to rectify ADHD symptoms.

Medications and stimulants such as Ritalin and Adderall are also part of the attention deficit disorder in children but rarely given these days.
–    Making the child play in natural surroundings is always good, so make sure that the child plays and exercises also. As physical activities like, playing outdoor games, dancing, swimming, martial arts, will improve concentration.
–    Sufficient and sound sleep is the most important part of the treatment for ADHD. So set a noise free environment, with enforced bed time. Switch off the televisions and other entertaining electronic devices like ipads, iphones, and PC atleast an hour before sleep time.

Henceforth, treating an ADHD child requires lot of patience as you need to take help of behavioral therapy, Social skills training, and at times medication also. So love your child, support him and reward him over small good deeds.

Benefits of the Orton Gillingham Approach

Orton Gillingham certification is a teaching approach designed mainly for use with persons who have problems with studying, composing and spelling as a result of dyslexia. It is most correctly understood and used as leaning approach, not a system, program, or strategy. In the arms of a well-trained and knowledgeable instructor, it is a powerful tool of exceptional information and versatility.
Participants understand innovative word strike and ability as a writer as well as comprehension and look methods for educating both primary and secondary school learners with dyslexia and other language-related studying problems. This approach also gives members the opportunity to learn the English language, as well as methodical and multisensory educating methods.
7.jpgThe orton-Gillingham approach offers take the secret of punctuation by focusing on why words are written the way they are. Though the English contains just 26 characters, these characters combine to make 44 conversation sounds, and there are over 250 methods to master those sounds. But the orton-Gillingham method condenses the punctuation of these sounds to phonograms and demystifies punctuation by educating learners to implement guidelines and generalizations that make what was once challenging much easier!
Orton Gillingham lesson plans are not only learning approaches because learning, punctuation and writing are qualified the same. Penmanship, writing abilities, sentence framework, visual/auditory exercises, mastering of new concepts, vocabulary mastering, sequencing abilities, and visible words are also incorporated in each lesson.
The orton-Gillingham Approach is most often linked with a one to one teacher and student method of learning. Its use in small group teaching is not uncommon. An efficient adaptation of the approach has confirmed its value for classroom learning.


Attention Deficit Disorder in Children – The Treatment for It

Attention deficit disorder in children is an increasing problem all over the world. Many people might not be so open to just accept this fact but perhaps 3 of 5 homes could have a child who is experiencing ADD.
ADD is the condition where children appear to be hyperactive, energetic and/or inattentive. These behaviors may be normal for most children nevertheless when these appear all the time even in the absolute most inappropriate places and times, ADD can be ruled out. Many people aren’t ready to face this fact, particularly when they have to contend to the facts that the kid might not be like other children. In addition, most parents worry about putting their kids under medication for the restof the lives.
It doesn’t come as a shock why most parents wouldn’t wish to allow their kids for treatments. The fact remains that medications may not at all cure ADD entirely; these drugs are merely designed to deal with the symptoms of the disorder. Despite many attempts, scientists still do not know what might be the greatest treatment for this disorder – a remedy that may not only suppress the symptoms but get rid of the existence of the disorder ultimately.image-5.jpg
Currently, the only thing scientists may do is to continue making new ADD medications that may help address the symptoms of the disorder. Parents have also used other choice treatments to medications such as for instance diet, biofeedback, motion therapy and homeopathic remedies to name a few.
The key reason why more parents are embracing natural alternative remedies to cure ADD is basically because medications have all of the probability of causing unwanted effects although you will find ADD patients who might not get any side effect at all. Parents fear the side effects of medications as many of these unwanted effects can be worse to treat.

Children Disorders When It Comes To Hearing Process

Many are the disorders that have been known to affect little children which posses a greater challenge when it comes to the learning process. One should not give up on their child as there is a solution for it. attention deficit disorder in childrenThe child can learn in the normal way as there are tools that have been designed to help with the process. The first and important thing that one has to know is the disorder that the child has.
It can be attention deficit disorder in children where paying attention becomes a very difficult thing which is known as a divided attention. The other one is known as auditory processing disorder in children. All this needs a special care so that the children can be able to go through the learning process with a lot of ease.
Many are the learning centers that have been established where one can get the help with the child. One can also use the online tutors so that better results will be achieved at the end. There is no need for one to give up on their kid at any given moment.
Quality tutoring in auditory processing disorder in children helps the child to build on their skills, confidence as well as motivation.  The software that is used has been designed to the betterment of the child. There are also programs that have been established that will help the child in improving on their skills in general. The tutoring is done in smaller groups so that learning can become efficient.

Autism Spectrum Disorder: Everything You Need To Know

ASD or Autism Spectrum Disorder is a set of psychological conditions manifested by abnormalities in repetitive behaviors, social interaction and verbal and non-verbal language. This condition is very common in children who display unusual responses on specific objects and sounds. Early detection of the condition allows for early treatment

A patient with ASD usually has no ability in following normal child development stages. There are those who seem to be doing well at the beginning only to suddenly start acting strangely towards people. They also lose the social and communication skills that they acquired when they were younger. In some children signs are visible from birth. These signs may include the inability to babble or creating different gesture starting from one year of age.

autism spectrum disorder

A patient with ASD usually has no ability in following normal child development stages. There are those who seem to be doing well at the beginning only to suddenly start acting strangely towards people. They also lose the social and communication skills that they acquired when they were younger. In some children signs are visible from birth. These signs may include the inability to babble or creating different gesture starting from one year of age.

Other signs that a child may be suffering from autism spectrum disorder include: inability to speak a single word by the time he reaches his 16th month; lack of ability of combining two words by two years of age; inability to respond to his own name; slow in verbal and non-verbal communication; poor -or cannot do – eye contact; lack of interest in playing with toys or attachment to one toy; and inability to display gestures like smiles.

Patients with ASD also have no capacity of holding their feelings. They are better at acting immaturely and they may cry a lot. They also display disturbing behaviors like pulling their hair, biting their arms and banging their heads when they feel frustrated.

Parents who have children diagnosed with this condition should do the best in helping children with autism. Taking notes is recommended to ensure that your child is displaying the signs.

Proper Caching for Children with Auditory Disorders

The Levy learning Center offers your child with the opportunity to be better than they are. It’s the perfect chance to give your child an edge over their peers. The programs offered at the centre makes it possible for children with learning disabilities to experience a better education.imageslevicentre

Coaching for your child can have the most incredible effects. Your child wouldn’t have to play catch up all the time with other kids. As a matter of fact, they can be ahead of everybody else. You can do that by providing them with the best instructors. For children with auditory processing disorders, this is the best place to find what they need.

Your child can get the boost they need. Just because a child cannot focus does not mean that they have to suffer through their learning. They can get everything they need through one-on-one tutoring. There are summer programs that you can enroll your child in. This will help them prepare for when the school year begins.

Attention deficit disorder in children does not have to be a hindrance to good education. The Levy Learning Centre allows for your child to get what they need. The instructors work with the children side by side to give them specialized attention.

If you are looking for online tutoring for your child, this is the best option for you. Get all the information you need on the different programs available. The methods used to coach children have been well researched. Find out what you need to know about providing learning for a child with autism spectrum disorder.